Mystery Shopping

Are you struggling to improve your brand experience, standardise your market value and check your operational compliance?

Through mystery shopping service, our team of trained shoppers, disguised as actual customers, can offer you actionable insights into your business operations, products and services and assist in improving your customer experience as well as sales.

What expert mystery shoppers at Netrika evaluate

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About Mystery Shopping

For many brands, the challenge lies in gaining unbiased, consistent knowledge and insight into how customers perceive your brand. Mystery Shopping is a powerful research tool that provides just such a service.
Our secret shoppers assess business elements on the ground level with the utmost professionalism and objectivity. They don’t have any ties with clients that can alter their observations to learn more on the favourable side of things. They share specific, actionable real-time insights, which are audited and finally shared with clients for internal reviews and corrective measures.

The Mystery Shopping Process

Each company wants to be known for its high level of service, and many businesses also invest substantial time and money in training staff to provide excellent customer care and support. Nevertheless, this does not ensure that all staff will provide the degree of helpfulness and support they have been employed to provide. A mystery shopping service will show just what kind of service customers have, even if there is no staff monitoring. Mystery Shopping is a procedure where an individual visits a retail store, cafe, bank branch or any such place to evaluate customer experience value.
We have a team of trained shoppers who disguise themselves as actual customers and share specific, actionable insights in real time, which are audited and finally shared with clients for internal reviews and corrective measures.

What we evaluate

Product quality


Process conformity

Operations management

Employee interactions

Why do you need a mystery shopping company?

Customer Experience Evaluation

Mystery shopping companies assess customers' experiences objectively. They provide valuable feedback on factors such as service quality, cleanliness, employee behavior, and compliance.

Competitor Benchmarking

A mystery shopping company can also assess a business's customer service, pricing, and overall customer experience in comparison to its competitors. Businesses can identify areas for improvement based on this information.

Employee Performance Assessment

The purpose of mystery shopping is to evaluate the performance of employees within an organization. An employee's performance can be improved by using feedback from mystery shoppers.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

By improving the overall customer experience through mystery shopping, you can increase customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

India's largest provider of Mystery Shopping Service

Get actionable insights into your business operations for enhanced customer experience and sales.

Services offered

Mystery Shopping

Through mystery shopping, we understand consumer experience at the store level with 1 lac plus auditors across different profiles

Consumer Insights

Netrika Consulting can assist you in analysing consumer behaviour, understanding consumption trends, and mining consumer data in order to generate insights and generate actionable information.

Market Research

Discover market segmentation, pricing standards and product market fit across your market.

Retail Audits

Understand pricing across markets, map inventory at the store level, and ensure policy and infrastructure compliance.

What we offer
Frequently Asked Questions

Mystery shopping is a technique used by organisations to assess various aspects of their operations and identify potential areas for improvements, such as increasing customer satisfaction, sales and profits.

Mystery shopping can be used for competitor intelligence, compliance audits, integrity audits, employee rewards, and employee recognition. Mystery shopping provides businesses with an unbiased opinion on goods and services from the customer’s perspective.

Businesses that wish to improve their current offers, continue to provide great goods and services, or increase consumer happiness should conduct mystery shopping. Additionally, it may aid in staff retention or engagement.

A mystery shopper looks into the different areas of concern, such as customer service evaluation, evaluating the process while interacting with a prospect, quality of goods, evaluating commercial space etc.

Mystery shopping services can range from part-time to long-term development strategies. But depending on the need for your business improvement, you can have it on a semi-regular basis, half-yearly or once every quarter.

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