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What is Due Diligence?

Due Diligence (DD) is the process where investigators perform background screening to identify and assess risks, liabilities, and business problems in the target company and/or individuals before finalising the transaction, potentially avoiding reputational, operational, and financial losses later. Depending on the nature of the transaction in question, the due diligence process shall encompass several layers of assessments, including background profiling of individuals and companies, registration and certification verification, regulatory and compliance exposure, financial soundness, legal and intellectual property exposure, corporate image, news and social media, business and ethical conduct, and sanctions and pep exposure, amongst others.

Why is Due Diligence crucial for your business?

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Carrying out an assessment of a company’s business practices and financial condition to determine its suitability as a business partner. The key objectives of corporate due diligence typically include assessing the company’s financial health, understanding its business model, and evaluating its competitive position.

Carrying out an assessment to evaluate a potential investment primarily to determine its suitability and minimise the risk of investment failure. It’s a comprehensive verification and evaluation of financial, litigation, compliance and reputational information on potential investment targets and promoters before funds are committed.

Carrying out an assessment of a new supplier or vendor at the onboarding and ongoing monitoring stage to understand any problems or risks associated with this relationship. As a risk assessor, we’ll collect all relevant data about a potential vendor/supplier’s business structure, reputation, ownership, and operations, followed by a detailed examination of critical areas, such as sanctions, compliance, or bribery.

Carrying out an assessment to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the senior management in adhering to and adding to a company’s strategic objectives.

Carrying out an assessment for the donors to confirm that the NGO they want to donate to has provided correct information and is compliance-driven, with robust internal control systems and policies to timely detect and prevent the misutilisation of funds.

Carrying out an assessment on specific targets (individuals/entities) to highlight red flags that can be potentially damaging to an organisation. Essentially, the goal is to ascertain the credibility of a company and its founders to safeguard oneself from fraud and future litigations.

Carrying out a rapid assessment to provide a range of information – shareholding/ownership structure of an organisation, key personnel, litigations, market reputation, regulatory non-compliance, adverse media, wilful defaults, etc.

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Proactive services tailored to mitigate risks and provide value beyond the deal

Corporate Due Diligence

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Service Offerings

Proactive services tailored to mitigate risks and provide value beyond the deal

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Combining financial expertise with commercial acumen

Why Netrika for Due Diligence?

Netrika’s due diligence services include independent investigations into the target company’s business and ownership, board and key management, operations and financials, registration and permits, media presence and management governance.

Our investigator team comprises market intelligence experts, on-field investigative due diligence experts – professionals with armed forces and defence backgrounds, financial and accounting experts like Chartered Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Data and Research Analysts.

About Netrika

Netrika Consulting India helps businesses forge confidently into the future. We specialise in due diligence, forensic investigations, cyber security, background screening, security and risk management, legal solutions, brand security & regulatory compliance. Our experts harness the power of their broad expertise and advanced technology to help you discern business challenges more precisely. We adopt the most feasible and legally viable approach to execute assignments in a seamless, cost-effective, and time-bound manner. We help the world’s foremost organisations manage their integrity, negotiate challenging and ambiguous environments, build resilient strategies, and create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger.

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