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Your brand requires to be marketed securely and stay protected from malicious intent. Brand protection service intends to maintain the brand’s reputation, boost revenue, and ensure the removal of pirated content.

The power to keep the brand-safe are:

Fraudsters are Trying Different Ways
to Infringe on Your Brand!

Counterfeit Domains

Counterfeit domains are set up to imitate the official site of a brand with a subverted version of the official URL to sell counterfeit products by driving the audience.

Fake Recruitments

The fake hiring act impersonates a brand to gather personal details of a potential candidate and carry out fraud activities or charge fees from candidates to get selected.

Social Media Impersonation

Social media impersonation redirects potential customers from fake social media accounts to e-commerce platforms that sell counterfeit products.

You Need a Dedicated Partner to Stay a Step Ahead! Brand Protection Solutions for you:

Tailormade Strategies

We advise on designing and implementing strategies to prevent counterfeiting and piracy.

Sales Monitoring

We monitor the sale of your products on online platforms.

Track Counterfeits

We pinpoint the location of suspected counterfeits as well as backtrack the entire supply chain.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our faster turnaround time on enforcement action empower supply chain partners and consumers.

Maintain Brand Equity

Maintaining brand equity of the key products and managing consumer trust.

Regular Surveillance

We focus on manufacturing/warehouse/importers/printing units with the backend team to survey the markets.

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Benefits of brand protection The Perks of Protecting Your Brand!

Prevention can be the biggest benefit of a trademark, which speaks your brand’s integrity. Let’s see why protecting your business is the best investment to make!

Why Us?

About us We are Here to Keep Your Brand Safe!

Netrika Consulting India helps businesses forge confidently into the future. We specialise in cybersecurity, forensic investigations, background screening, security and risk management, legal solutions, brand security, regulatory compliance, and due diligence.
Our experts harness the power of their broad expertise and advanced technology to help you discern business challenges more precisely. We adopt the most feasible and legally viable approach to execute assignments in a seamless, cost-effective, and time-bound manner.
We help the world’s foremost organisations manage their integrity, negotiate challenging and ambiguous environments, build resilient strategies and create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger.

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