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Ready for a Better Background Screening Experience
Ready for a Better Background Screening Experience

About Netrika

Netrika Consulting India helps businesses forge confidently into the future. We specialize in cybersecurity, forensic investigations, background screening, security and risk management, legal solutions, brand security, regulatory compliance, and due diligence.

Our experts harness the power of their broad expertise and advanced technology to help you discern business challenges more precisely. We adopt the most feasible and legally viable approach to execute assignments in a seamless, cost-effective, and time-bound manner.

We help the world’s foremost organizations manage their integrity, negotiate challenging and ambiguous environments, build resilient strategies and create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When most people think of a background check, they think of a simple criminal history check. In reality, a background check is much more than that. It’s the process by which you find the best candidate with the help of various checks- criminal record verification, education verification, employment history, social media background check, civil records, degree verification, references check etc. Background screenings, background checks, pre-hire screenings— we offer the best background check. We are always here to help protect your company, your employees, and your clients.

Generally, an employer that fails to investigate the background of an applicant whom they hire for a risk-sensitive position may be liable for negligent hiring or retention if the employee is later involved in serious misconduct or illegal activities.
Performing a professional background check on employee is your opportunity to verify the information provided by your job candidate. It can also reveal information that was either mistakenly or intentionally omitted – such as residency in other regions where a criminal record might be located.

Netrika Consulting India offers smart and comprehensive employee screening in India. We enable you to focus on what is most important — managing your organization’s risk and making the best employment decisions. Get instant background check done with the one of the industry’s most effective background check company.

Believe it or not, almost all this information used in employee background screening is a public record by law and is available to anyone who is willing to make the effort to search for it. Some jurisdictions make it incredibly simple and have dedicated web portals that allow you to search.

Netrika Consulting India, an employee verification companies in India offers best employee background check services and pre-employment screening. Some of the broad categories of background screening services offered include employment verification, education verification, identity verification, professional reference checks, driving record checks, full criminal background check, credit checks, drug screening, substance abuse checks, healthcare sanctions checks and background check for international employees.

There is much variation between various state and industry laws for background check for employment. However, your industry and job requirements will likely give you a good starting point.
With active employment screening services, we proudly claim the fastest turnaround times in the industry for the most common employment verification check.

Information/documentation required by background check companies for employee background check would be different based on the country the check is being done for. The information we ask for would depend on the checks that your current or potential employer has asked to conduct.

Yes. Certain state laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (a federal law that regulates who is permitted to access your consumer report information and how it can be used) generally require written or electronic consent from the job applicant prior to a 3rd party verification of employment like Netrika Consulting India to conduct any employee background check, criminal record verification, pre employment police check, state criminal record check, or reference check.

Netrika Consulting India, a third party background verification company helps you verify an applicant’s employment history, including previous job titles and job descriptions, as well as start and end dates. As one of the best background verification companies in India, we contact former employers to manually verify information and the accuracy of a candidate’s application.

No, it is best to make a job offer prior to initiating a pre hire background check. It is important to know that while the FCRA does not restrict performing a background verification after a job offer is made, some state laws may do so.

The information available will vary depending on the country where the check is being conducted. In some other countries it is not possible to get a full criminal record check for employment so it may require a check with the local police station or a public records search. We offer the most reliable and best criminal background check across India.

A national criminal background check for employment helps your company stay safe through the criminal history check. It helps ensure that applicants can do what they claim they can through employment and education verification.

As an employment verification company, we do offer education verification service in India. Under this employer want to verify that you attended the university, college, or professional program you said you attended, and that you completed the degree or credential in the field of study to the extent you indicated.

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